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NATIVE’S ODYSSEY series sunglasses has N3 polarized lenses which block up to 4x more IR and provide UV protection up to 400 NM — filtering out the blue light. All native lenses are optical-quality, impact-resistant lenses which blocks 100% of the harmful UV light and eliminate glare for sharp, clear vision. Native introduces new styles to the Odyssey lineup. From the rimless Numa™ to the full-framed Sidecar™, these epic additions are ready to join the adventure.

Native Sunglasses - Wazee  $89

Asphalt - Gray

  • Fit Size: Medium – Large
  • Single Snap-Back™ Interchangeable Lens System
  • Co-Injected Rhyno-Tuff® Air Frames
  • Venting
  • Cushinol™
  • Cam-Action Hinges
  • Mastoid Temple Grip™
  • Anti-Ocular Instrusion System®
  • Folding Plate Technology™
  • Soft Case Included

Lens kits for the Wazee

Native Eyewear Blue Reflex Lens Kit

Wazee Blue Reflex Lens Kit $60

10% VLT - Best suited for extremely bright sunlight and boasting superior contrast and color in full sun, Blue Reflex lenses are the perfect companions for those sunny days when you're getting after it on the single track, picking out the perfect fall line, or staring down a few miles of open water.

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Native Eyewear Silver Reflex Lens Kit

Wazee Silver Reflex Lens Kit $60

9% VLT - Suitable for extremely bright sunlight, Native's Silver Reflex lenses provide great all-around protection on rocks and waves. The patented reflex coating adds extra protection from the sun to reduce eye strain.

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Native Eyewear Gray Lens Kit

Wazee Gray Lens Kit $40

12% VLT - Built for extremely bright sunlight, gray polarized lenses offer all-around protection so you can get the job done whether you're hitting the trail, paddling the river, or cruising powder fields. They even maintain color saturation and natural contrasts!

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Native Eyewear Brown Lens Kit

Wazee Brown Lens Kit $40

12% VLT - Built for bright sunlight, brown polarized lenses deliver the brightest field of vision and dominate during high-altitude activities. With the best contrast enhancement and detail definition, these lenses let you scope terrain and eye opportunities with unparalleled clarity.

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Native Eyewear Copper Lens Kit

Wazee Copper Lens Kit $40

18% VLT – Perfect for moderate to medium sunlight, polarized copper lenses redefine the concept and quality of an “everyday lens.” These lenses enhance contrast and color on the pavement, in the backcountry, or at the end of the bar.

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Native Eyewear Sportflex Lens Kit

Wazee SportFlex Lens Kit $30

65% VLT - SportFlex lenses are made to perform in a wide range of low-light conditions, giving you the power to see clearly even when the sun is going down. Use them on early mornings when you hit the trail before sunrise, during overcast days on the water, or when you're pushing that final mile as the sun goes down.

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Native Eyewear Clear Lens Kit

Wazee Clear Lens Kit $20

98% VLT - Suitable for conditions when the light is low - or nonexistent - Clear Crystal Carbonate lenses let you tackle obstacles and explore additional miles even if you're straining to see what's up ahead. Pop these lenses in on midnight rides through the city, late descents from the summit, or happy hour at the bar.

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